NEIKO 02867A Fiberglass Sledge Hammer 3.3 Pound Heavy-Duty Forged Steel Rubber Grip Handle Mirror Polished Head




  • [LIGHTWEIGHT]: A lightweight sledgehammer that provides serious impact power for pounding and general everyday striking jobs and can be used for blacksmithing jobs.
  • [DURABLE]: An essential tool for construction, this corrosion resistant sledge has heat-hardened steel head with a mirror polish for ultra-long service life and is must-have for demolition jobs in construction.
  • [ERGONOMICS]: The ribbed rubber handle provides a firm, no-slip grip even when wet and is ergonomically engineered to dampen vibrations and apply amplified force.
  • [DESIGN]: Chip-resistant and shatterproof fiberglass shaft is strong and durable and is suitable for ironwork.
  • [POWER]: An excellent and tough smaller sledge that combines manageable weight with heavy-duty power with every swing.

Forged steel head with mirror polish for ultra-long service life, corrosion resistance, Fiberglass handle is chip-resistant, won't weaken from moisture.

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