NEIKO 02639A 6-Inch Automatic Center Hole Punch with Adjustable One-Handed Spring Impact, Chrome-Plated Shank, and Premium S2 Steel Tip




  • DRILL PUNCH TOOL: This 6-Inch Automatic Center Hole Punch is the perfect centering punch device to help start screw and drilling holes. Align the tip of this metal hole punch on a variety of hard surfaces to create center holes for fasteners.
  • ADJUSTABLE HOLE-PUNCH TOOL: The spring-loaded center-punch design uses spring tension that can be modified and adjusted for light or heavy marking, punching, or staking. Change the strike force any time to match the surface you are working with.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: With a chrome-plated shank body and a hardened S2 steel tip, this corrosion-resistant wood-and-metal punch tool can withstand high-impact punches and force. The knurled, nonslip cap gives you a firm one-handed grip on the tool.
  • EASY ONE-HANDED USE: This one-handed automatic center punch needs only your hands—no hammer required. Use the S2 tip on a sturdy surface to center where you want the starter hole, and punch the tool downward to create the drill marker.
  • COMPACT SIZE: This automatic one-hand punch is small enough to fit in any toolbox or pocket. Carry it with you from job to job for a convenient and easy starter drill bit. You can also use this as a spring-loaded glass breaker for emergencies.

NEIKO presents our 02639A 6-Inch Automatic Center Hole Punch designed for punching, marking, scribing, and staking various surfaces. Each metal scribe puncher has a chrome-plated body for corrosion resistance and a hardened S2 steel tip that can withstand high-impact force and pressure.

Our automatic drill-punch starter can be used on wood, metal, plastic, leather, and even glass for glass-breaking emergencies. You can also use this marking tool on machine parts to easily screw in fasteners. The adjustable cap lets you change the striking force at will, and the spring-driven action and S2 tip easily dimple a variety of materials. The knurled, nonslip surface lets you grip the center puncher with ease. To use, simply align the tip on the area where you would like to start your hole and push downward with the specific strike force you calibrated with the cap.

You can carry this small heavy-duty one-hole punch in your toolbox or your pocket, and it is versatile enough to apply to any of your drilling projects. Use this punch-down tool as a hole marker to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Whether you need this automatic center punch for metal or for a home woodworking punch project, NEIKO has your back with our durable, dependable, and strong tools.

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