NEIKO 02638A 5-Inch Automatic Center Punch for Metal, Adjustable Impact Spring Loaded Center Punch Tool, Spring Punch, Center Punch Spring Loaded, Auto Center Punch




  • CENTER HOLE PUNCH FOR METAL: Our 5-inch automatic center punch tool is a great tool for working with materials like wood, plastic, metal, glass, and leather. Each center tool is spring loaded with an adjustable stroke and cap that accommodates any project.
  • COMPACT STEEL TIP: Center punches are important when it comes to marking an accurate drilling location. With the spring-driven action and hard steel awl tip, our hand-held puncher lets you mark drill holes anywhere while on the job.
  • SPRING LOADED CENTER PUNCH: This chrome-plated shank body withstands intense impact force, and the metal resists corrosion and damage over time. The reinforced S2 steel tip holds up to hard materials and makes surfaces ready for any nail or drill.
  • EASY USE & GRIP: With a nonslip surface and a precision-centered tip, this center metal punch has increased force control for accurate holes every time. Activate this tool with a firm downward push to achieve the exact size hole you need.
  • ALL-IN-ONE CENTER PUNCH: This spring-loaded glass breaker and center punch tool is suitable for all kinds of tasks. Whether you need a window hole puncher, an awl for leather belts, or a metal hole punch, this efficient tool gets the job done right.

NEIKO introduces our 5-Inch Automatic Center Hole Punch for making precise and accurate drill marks. When you’re on the job, you need an accurate way to mark surfaces for a drill or hammer to fasten in the necessary bolts or screws. A center hole punch helps you mark the precise spot for where you want to drill on a specific type of surface. Whether you need a hole puncher for heavy-duty metal, an awl tool for leather, or a hole marker for wood, plastic, or glass, this center hole punch can set a marker on any hard material.

To use this device, activate it with a firm downward push on the cap, and the spring-loaded mechanism and steel awl tip will apply enough pressure to mark your surface. With a comfortable ball end, this tool allows you to get a firm grip as you mark your working materials. This center punch has a reinforced S2 steel tip and a chrome-plated shank body for intense impact force. The metal construction also prevents corrosion from dirt, grime, and oil. A cap at the top of this adjustable punch allows you to adjust it to the specific strike force you need.

Our center hole punch is a handheld device, making it easy to transport from job to job. The versatility of this device allows you to use it for all kinds of jobs. You can use it as a window punch for vehicles or homes during an emergency, a metal marking pen, or an awl for working with leather. Whether you need our 5-Inch Automatic Center Hole Punch for dealing with automotive projects or you just want to add this tool to your equipment, NEIKO has your back with our durable, dependable, and strong tools.

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