NEIKO 02624 Number and Letter Punch Set | 36 Piece Stamp Set | For Hobbyists, Imprinting, Arts and Crafts | 1/4” Shaft | High Strength Heat Treated Steel




  • QUALITY: The heavy-duty design of each of the punches can make permanent imprints in metal as well as wood, leather, plastic and more to create the ultimate results on all your hobby and art projects.
  • DURABLE: This classic number & letter punch set is created with hardened, heat treated #45 carbon steel for increased durability and longer service life to keep this tool set in your art hobby work collection or tool collection for years to come.
  • APPLICATION: This tool set is perfect for hobbyists or jewelers customizing crafts, marking valuables, stamping name plates, punching scratched and/or worn serial numbers.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: The metal alphabet punches are on a 1/4" (6 mm) square shank for use as impact hammer bits to easily stamp names and designs into your workpiece with ease.
  • CONVENIENCE: This identification creation set comes in a hard plastic case for organization, storage and includes letters, numbers, an ampersand ("&") while factory greased and ready to use straight out of the box.
Leave a lasting impression with NEIKO 02624 Number and Letter Punch set. Comes complete with letters A-Z and numbers 0-9 in heavy-duty steel punches. For use on a variety of materials, you can mark your valuables permanently with a timeless font. Letter A-Z, & (ampersand), and 0-8 (9 is upside-down 6).

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