NEIKO 02486A Impact Universal Joint-Socket Swivel Set, Socket Extension Set Made From Cr-Mo with Included 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-Inch Sockets, Set of 3




  • SOCKET WRENCH SET: This 3-pack impact socket adapter joint set is made with heat-treated black chromium-molybdenum steel for maximum durability. It includes one 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, and 3/8-inch extension socket that fits as a drill socket adapter.
  • QUALITY UNIVERSAL SOCKET: Our socket adapter set has a protective high-quality black phosphate coating to provide long-term protection from dirt, grime, and other corrosion. This swivel socket set works well for lifetime impact and hand tools.
  • ANGLE SOCKET ADAPTER: Each socket in this 3 pack has a full 360-degree bendable joint that lets you access hard-to-reach angles. The U-joint mechanism has a rotatable design that gives you more coverage with your drilling jobs.
  • EASY-ATTACHMENT DESIGN: To attach the socket drill extension, snap the end of the adapter onto your drill. Each extender has a spring-loaded ball at the attachment point that locks the socket securely into place to prevent slipping and dropping.
  • VISIBLE SIZES: The 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch socket adapters have their sizes laser-etched into the sides. These easy-to-read and large stamps make it simple and quick to choose which size socket you need for your drill.

The NEIKO 02486A impact universal joint set is engineered for use with impact drivers and drills. This 3 pack includes one 1/4-inch, one 3/8-inch, and one 1/2-inch socket, each with a specialized 360-degree rotational head to give you access to any angle. Thanks to these bendable joints, you can move your drills more easily to tighten bolts, even in awkward spots. Each extender is designed to work well with both hand tools and impact tools. Our socket extension and adapter set is made from top-grade chrome-moly steel to withstand rough use. The black phosphate finish works as a rust and corrosion protector to ensure longevity. This socket set fits most tightening tools, letting you finish a job quickly and efficiently. Each piece also has its size laser-etched into the metal, making it easy to quickly find the size you need at a moment’s notice. This socket set is small enough to fit in a professional toolbox or bag, so you can take these adapters anywhere you need.

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