Neiko 02457A Lug-Nut Key Set, Wheel-Lock Removal Tool Kit for Aftermarket and Factory Wheel Tire Keys, SAE and Metric Lug Sockets, 16 Pieces




  • UNIVERSAL LUG-NUT SET: This master wheel-lock removal kit comes with 16 different keys to fit a wide variety of stock and aftermarket wheel lock nuts. Each key is specifically designed to easily remove locking lug nuts.
  • DURABLE LUG-NUT KEYS: These heavy-duty extra-long lug keys have a thin wall made of heat-treated chrome molybdenum steel and a black oxide finish to ensure longevity and prevent nicks and scratches as you remove your wheels and tires.
  • VERSATILE LUG-NUT KEY KIT: This locking wheel-nut key set lets you find the perfect fit while protecting your wheels and lug nuts. It comes with standard (SAE) and metric (mm) pieces that can be used on spline, star, hex, and fluted hex fasteners.
  • DOUBLE HEX DRIVE: Each key in this wheel-lock key set has a double hex-head drive that fits most lug-nut wrenches and 13/16-inch and 7/8-inch sockets for quick switching. The keys feature laser-etched size markings for easy identification.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: This lug-nut removal tool set comes with an organizing case to keep all your pieces together in one spot. It includes 8 spline sizes, 4 star sizes, and 4 high-tech hex sizes.

NEIKO presents our 02457A Lug-Nut Key Set that allows you to take off most aftermarket wheel locks and factory wheel locks. The thin walls of each wheel-lock remover allow you to snugly fit the key on most lug nuts, and the extra-long design protects your expensive wheels from any damage or scratches. This universal key kit has a double hex-drive design that fits on most wheel-lock tools, like 13/16-inch and 7/8-inch sockets, as well as most lug-nut wrenches.

Each professional key tool is made with top-grade heat-treated CrV, which ensures maximum torque and lifelong use, and features a laser-etched size marking on the front so you can easily find the size you need. This master key set is perfect for car enthusiasts and mechanics alike.

This lug-nut lock set has both SAE and metric lug sockets. It includes 8 spline sizes (12-spline 13/16", 12-spline 11/16", 7-spline 3/4", 7-spline 5/8", 7-spline 11/16", 6-spline 41/64", 6-spline 45/64", and 5-spline 5/8"), 4 star-lug sizes (10-point 1/2", 8-point 5/8", 8-point 7/16", and 9-point 1/2"), and 4 high-tech hex-lug sizes: 15 mm, 9/16", 12 mm, and fluted 12 mm.

NEIKO has your back with our durable, dependable, and strong tools

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