NEIKO 02183A Manual Chain Hoist | 1 Ton/2000 lbs Capacity | 20’ Lift | 2 Hooks | Manual Hand Lift Steel Chain Block Hoist




  • [HEAVY DUTY]: This manual hand lift steel chain hoist features a 1 ton (2000 lbs) load capacity utilizing a 20MN2 premium alloy steel chain pulley hoist system with a black oxide coat finish.
  • [LOAD BRAKE]: Hoist includes a mechanical load brake when lifting up to 20’ to keep the suspended load from slipping back and its application is ideal for high vertical lifts of loads.
  • [SECURE]: Swivel hook is connected to the steel chain to safely latch on to your objects and secure them firmly.
  • [DESIGN]: The chain hoist moves over a sprocket to eliminate lateral movement and easily achieve a vertical lift without any required electricity or power source providing portability.
  • [VERSATILE]: Ideal for construction professionals at industrial worksites or other job applications such as automotive garages, workshops, farms, warehouses, and more.

Mechanical load brake when lifting. Swivel hook with safety latch, Chain material: 20MN2 premium alloy steel, black oxide, heat treated

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