NEIKO 01925A Screw-Extractor And Left-Hand Drill-Bit Set, HSS M2 Steel Drill Bits, Alloy Spiral Flutes, Reverse Drill-Bit And Bolt Extractor, Easily Remove Stripped Screws And Broken Bolts, 10 Pieces




  • BOLT EXTRACTORS: Extraction bits easily remove broken screws, studs, bolts and other fittings effectively. Stripped bolt remover and extractor works on seized bolts, broken fasteners, and commonly called an easy out.
  • LEFT HANDED DRILL BIT: Left-hand drill bits are made from cobalt fortified high speed steel for increased durability and service life. Reversed drill bit are used for removing broken bolts or studs turning left to prevent further tightening of the bolt or screw.
  • SPIRAL FLUTES: Unscrew tool with spiral flute bit dig into the screw, increasing grip as torque is applied for removal of screws, fasteners and bolts. Strip screw extractor kit gets those stubborn fasteners out.
  • METAL CARRYING CASE: Stored in a durable metal index carrying case for easy organization and storage with all sizes that are clearly labeled. Carrying size for when WD40 or easy out lubricant doesn’t get the job done.
  • INCLUDES: Sizes: Left hand bits / reversed drillbits - 5/64", 7/64", 5/32", 1/4", 19/64" and Matching Alloy Extractors (stud outs) - #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 in a red carrying case.

NEIKO 01925A Left Hand Bit and Easy Out Extractor Set. Remove broken screws whether working on wood or metal, ideal for construction, automotive or home DIY projects. Left hand drill bits prevent you tightening the bolt you are trying to remove while creating a whole to put the extractor in. In some cases the left hand drill bit will possibly remove the bolt or screw without needing the spiral flute.

Step 1: Wear the proper safety gear such as safety glasses and gloves.

Step 2: If necessary use a center punch to create a indentation in the center of your broken fastener.

Step 3: Select a left handed drill bit that has a smaller diameter than your stuck fastener.

Step 4: Carefully drill down aligned straight with the screw about 1/8th to 1/4 inch.

Step 5: Insert the tip of your screw extractor (spiral flute), turn the tool counterclockwise. As you turn the extractor while forcing in the threads will grip or bite into the hole, continue turning counterclockwise and pull to completely remove the stripped or broken screw.

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