NEIKO 01924A 3-in-1 Automatic Wire Stripper, Cutter, and Crimping Tool, Auto Self-Adjusting Pliers that Cut up to 24 AWG




  • WIRE STRIPPER: This wire cutter and crimper tool is the ideal cutting device for wires, cables, wire jackets, and wire insulation. This tool features a safe self-adjusting mechanism and can be used on copper and aluminum cables from 10 to 24 AWG.
  • WIRE CUTTING & CRIMPING: This electrical tool has high-frequency, heat-treated blades that will cleanly cut wires. It crimps insulated wires rated 10 to 22 AWG, non-insulated wires rated 4 to 22 AWG, and auto-ignited terminals measuring 7 to 8 mm.
  • HEAVY-DUTY WIRE TOOL: This all-in-one aluminum tool auto adjusts to specific wire gauges and pulls wire insulation off as you squeeze the molded grip handle. Use the microknob to adjust the jaws for stripping smaller gauge wires beyond 20 AWG.
  • EASY & SAFE USE: This wire crimper and stripper has precision-machined teeth that grab, hold, pull, and remove the outer wire jacket in a quick one-handed motion. An adjustable gauge and stopper controls the length of exposed wire up to 3/4".
  • SECURE & COMFORTABLE GRIP: The heavy-duty 8-inch spring-loaded handle provides optimal comfort and leverage for you and provides precise, accurate, and successful results. The flat-handled design helps to reduce hand fatigue during use.

Our 3-in-1 Automatic Wire Stripper cuts, strips, and crimps electrical wires. This wire cutting and crimping tool automatically chooses the right tension for each wire without damaging it as it pulls, cuts, or twists wire insulation and jackets. Our electrical tool features 1/2-inch heat-treated blades and is compatible with 10 to 24 AWG wires. It also includes a microadjustment thumbwheel for use with small-gauge wires beyond 20 AWG. The built-in crimping tool can crimp insulated wires rated 4 to 22 AWG and non-insulated wires rated 4 to 22 AWG as well as auto-ignited terminals measuring 7 to 8 mm.<BR><BR>This electrical crimper tool ensures wire security and conductivity for electrician jobs. It features an included color-coded guide for insulated wires that helps you see exactly what color you’re working with. It also has a spring-loaded handle to prevent hand fatigue during use. To use this multipurpose device, place a wire between the 2 jaws and use the flip-up stopper to control your desired exposed wiring length up to 3/4". Squeeze the handles to perform the wanted action. You can use this wire-stripper machine as a cutting and crimping tool for electric wire jobs or for personal home projects to get accurate and precise results. Whether you need to fix a loose cable or need a new electric wire stripper for the jobsite, NEIKO has your back with our durable, dependable, and strong electrician tools.

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