NEIKO 01902 Adjustable Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass, Soldering Station Stand with Dual Alligator Clips and a Heavy Base(Pack of 6),Chrome



  • HELPING HAND SOLDERING STATION: This helpful tool frees your hands for safe soldering, gluing, positioning, fastening, and assembly of objects small to large in size for tasks requiring a high level of precision, such as avionics.
  • MAGNIFYING GLASS WITH STAND: This soldering helping hand is equipped with a 2x magnifying glass on an adjustable arm to perform precision work on even the smallest of objects or workpieces. With this tool, you can achieve near-perfect results.
  • DUAL-CLIP STAND: Dual alligator spring clamps are attached to wire holders on adjustable arms that securely hold components, work pieces, small electronics, and appliances steady for soldering tasks that require accuracy and efficiency.
  • ADJUSTABLE HELPING HAND: The mirror and clamps are mounted on adjustable ball joints to position and view work at any angle and to serve as extra hands to view objects at the most difficult angles with ease.
  • SOLDER STATION WITH HEAVY-DUTY BASE: The heavy-duty cast-iron base keeps the unit upright and stable and provides a secure hold that keeps objects steady while working on or soldering components. Perform even the finest work with this helpful tool.

    Need a hand? If you need a tool for soldering, miniature painting, or jewelry making, this helping hand-soldering tool is here for you. It offers a safe, secure base for precise work and is ideal for wiring, jewelry making, soldering, working with tiny screws and electronics, and gluing and positioning small pieces. With this helpful device, your hands can stay free to solder without worrying about juggling supplies.

    When you’re working with small pieces, it’s essential to keep the pieces together. This device’s dual alligator clips provide a firm grip to help keep items in place, and the bendable, flexible arms allow you to adjust their position for a more comfortable working environment. The helping hand’s cast-iron base helps the unit stay firmly on your work space, so you can safely and efficiently work without any disturbances. Plus, the station’s 2x magnifying power allows you to easily see tiny parts and wires and give you a full view of each component. 

    Save your back and neck the struggle of leaning over your work with this tool. It provides a secure working environment and super magnification. Your small parts will stay together, safe, and in place while you work. Whether you’re working on a job or on your hobby, this helping hand allows you to perform precise movements with ease.

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