NEIKO 01601A Multi-Purpose SAE and Metric Measuring Tape with Level and Laser | 25-Feet (7.5 Meters) Maximum Measuring Length




  • Durable nylon-coated measuring ruler blade extends to a maximum length of 25-ft (7.5-m), with customary / imperial SAE and metric markings imprinted for quick and easy read
  • Laser beam can be adjusted to project horizontally or vertically by pulling out and rotating the filter cap at the laser (3.5mW Maximum Power Output, Class IIIA/3R)
  • Two green bubble block vial levelers provide accurate read into level balance on surfaces for precise alignment
  • The tripod-compatible, durable high-impact industrial ABS body with non-slip cushioned grip features a belt clip for easy carry and portability
  • Lock the tape to the desired measurements with the rubberized sliding thumb lock; pulling the thumb lock up auto retracts the tape

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