NEIKO 01417A 6” Digital Caliper, 6 Inch or 150 MM Max Measurement, Plastic, Electronic Digital Caliper with Extra Large LCD Screen, Vernier Calipers Measuring Tool, Inch and Metric Measurements




  • PRECISION MEASURING TOOL: Linear, internal and external, measurement range of 0 to 6 inches or 0 to 150 millimeters with zero setting at any point displayed on an extra-large LCD screen.
  • INCH AND MM CONVERSION: Vernier caliper has two display and conversion modes that are available in inches or millimeters.
  • MEASURING ACCURACY: Each digital caliper measuring tool has an accuracy of ±0.01 inches or ±0.2 millimeters with a resolution of 0.01” or 0.1 mm.
  • VERSATILE MEASURING: Each digital caliper measuring tool can provide external and internal measurements with its jaw, contains depth measuring blade with an auto off function.
  • EXTRA LR44 BATTERY: Each electronic caliper Includes 1x LR44 button cell in caliper and 1x extra LR44 battery.

When it comes to precision and exact measuring in DIY or hobbyist projects, the Neiko 01417A plastic digital caliper is an excellent affordable digital solution for your measuring needs due to its accurate and easy-to-read displays. Ranging from 0-6 inches or 0-150 millimeters, it is an essential tool to cover everything you need for your measurement projects. Each tool comes with an extra-large LCD digital display for clear readouts. Factory calibrated with an exact internal and outside measurement accurate to 0.01 of an inch with a display that can be zeroed at any point on the slide. The machine grooved thumb-roll mechanism and positioning lock are provided for sure adjustment. The depth-measurement probe, precision ground jaws, on-off switch with auto-off and inclusion of two long-life batteries (one spare) with each caliper makes each unit the choice measuring tool whether in standard SAE or metric MM.

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