NEIKO 01401A 6-Inch Electronic Digital Caliper, Stainless Steel, Extra Large LCD Screen, Measurement Conversions for Inches, Millimeters, and Fractions




  • DIGITAL CALIPER MEASURING TOOL: Our 6-Inch Electronic Digital Caliper tool provides you with precise and accurate measurements. Use this digital ruler to find the diameter, depth, and step measurement of the materials you’re working with.
  • DIGITAL MEASUREMENTS: This digital caliper has a 1-button quick-change feature that easily converts between inch, fraction, and millimeter modes. Each number appears on the large and highly visible LCD screen.
  • VERSATILE MEASUREMENT TOOL: Our caliper measuring tool contains 2 sets of jaws and a probe to measure inside and outside depth and step measurements. Use these measuring calipers for wood, jewelry, metal, or other materials.
  • ACCURACY & PRECISION: This measuring caliper tool measures from 0"–6" and 0–150 mm and has a resolution of 0.0005" / 1/128" / 0.01 mm and an accuracy of 0.001" / 0.02 mm. This tool helps eliminate errors and miscalculations.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Made with polished and hardened stainless steel, the caliper’s frame has a durable feel with a knurled thumb roller and a locking screw for smooth sliding and accurate position locking.

Our 01401A 6-Inch Electronic Digital Caliper precisely and accurately measures a variety of materials. This tool can measure the diameter, width, length, depth, and step measurement of any material or item in inches and millimeters. It can also quickly convert between inches, fractions, and millimeters for easy readings. This precise measurement tool is great for woodworking, jewelry making, or other metal projects that need precise measurements.

With a hardened and finely polished stainless-steel construction, this digital caliper is rust-resistant and will last through years of use. It features a knurled thumb roller that makes it easy to adjust the 2 sets of caliper jaws and a locking screw to keep the slider moving smoothly and lock it into place. It also has an extra-large LCD screen to display measurements in highly visible text for easy reading. The caliper is powered by an included LR44 battery. Use this digital caliper as a pipe-measuring tool for plumbing jobs or for a personal home project to get accurate and precise measurements. Whether you need to measure the diameter of a metal coin or need new measurement calipers for the jobsite, NEIKO has your back with our durable, dependable, and strong tools.

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