Neiko 01333A Jeweler's Precision Screwdriver Set (7 Piece), Clear




  • Hardened chrome vanadium shafts of the precision screwdrivers provide extra strength and great resistance to corrosion
  • Sand blasted magnetic tip provides sharpness while the magnetic feature holds your fasteners in place while tightening or loosening
  • 360 degree spinning end caps allow for smoother and easier driving for more control
  • Set comes with a clear snap close case for easy storage and each screwdriver is labeled for easy access
  • Set includes three Phillips (#00, #0, #1) and four flat (2.0,3.0, 4.0 mm) with an overall length of 50 mm making it a great assortment for a lot of uses for jewelry and watch repairs

For all your small and detailed objects with micro sized fasteners such as jewelry and electronics, the precision screwdriver set is there for easy removing or tightening. The screwdrivers deliver dependable strength with chrome vanadium shafts and sand blasted tips. The magnetic tips hold your small screws and fasteners in place when tightening or loosening to prevent any slippage and disruption of your work flow. Gain more precise control with the free spinning caps that allows you to rotate freely without any hassle. The set includes: 3 x Phillips (#00, #0, #1) and 4 x flat (2.0,3.0, 4.0 mm) and each screwdriver measures at an overall length of 50 mm. The assorted set comes in a clear storage case that makes it easily identifiable and each screwdriver is labeled for quick size references.

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