Neiko 00338A 3/8-Inch-Drive Premium Breaker Bar, 15 Inches Long, Nut Breaker Bar, 180-Degree Flex Cr-Mo Head with Cr-V Steel Construction




  • EXTENSION BREAKER BAR: Our 3/8-inch breaker bar is the perfect leverage tool to provide you with ample torque and reach. The 3/8-inch drive and extra-long handlebar combine to create a non-ratcheting bar that can do it all.
  • HEAVY-DUTY WRENCH EXTENDER: With a drop-forged, heat-treated chrome-vanadium steel construction and a hardened Cr-Mo head, this torque breaker bar is highly resistant to corrosion. The chrome-moly 3/8-inch-drive head provides maximum durability.
  • TIGHT-REACH BREAKER BAR: Reach tight spaces at any angle with the 180-degree flexible head for optimal leverage. You can use this tool during automotive work to loosen or break and remove any nut or bolt that is rusted, damaged, or stuck.
  • THE RIGHT SIZE: This breaker bar torque wrench is available in 12-inch or 15-inch handle lengths to best meet your needs. Our 3/8-inch-drive bar meets ANSI standards ASME B107.110-2012 and is ideal for home or professional use.
  • SECURE SOCKETS: This nut-breaker tool is equipped with a spring-loaded ball bearing that holds sockets securely in place while you are working on stubborn nuts and bolts. It is an essential tool for every professional and serious DIYer.

NEIKO presents our 3/8-Inch-Drive Premium Breaker Bar for removing stubborn and rusty nuts and bolts! The drive and extra-long handle combine to create the maximum amount of leverage and torque power for easy fastener removal.

Our heavy-duty breaker bar is designed with drop-forged, heat-treated chrome vanadium for intense resistance to corrosion and grime and features a polished chrome finish that makes it easy to keep clean. With a 180-degree flexible head, this socket-wrench breaker bar extends to hard-to-reach spots and features a strong spring-loaded ball bearing that holds sockets securely in place, no matter the size. This handy tool also has a grooved Cr-V steel handle that fits perfectly in your hand for extra control and comes in 12-inch and 15-inch lengths to help you get jobs done right.

You can use our strong, durable auto wrench as a tire bar or a wrench-extender tool, or you can apply it to older machine parts that need the fasteners replaced. Our extension breaker bar is an essential tool for every professional or DIYer. Whether you need a lug wrench, tire-repair tools, or a longer extension breaker bar, NEIKO has your back with our durable, dependable, and strong tools.

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