NEIKO 00211A 1/2-Inch-Drive Extension Breaker Bar, 18 Inches Long, Made with CrV Steel




  • EXTENSION BREAKER BAR: Our 1/2-inch extension breaker bar is the perfect leverage tool to provide you with ample torque power and reach. The 1/2-inch drive combines with a long 18-inch handlebar to create a bar tool that can do it all.
  • STRONG MATERIALS: With a drop-forged and heat-treated chrome vanadium construction, this socket extension bar is highly resistant to corrosion from grime, oil, or dirt. The mirror-and-chrome polished finish gives this non-ratchet bar a constant shine.
  • VERSATILE BREAKER BAR: Reach tight spaces at any angle with the 180-degree flexible head for optimal and flexible leverage. Loosen, break, and remove any bolt that is rusted, damaged, or stuck in industrial machinery or automotive vehicles.
  • SPRING-LOADED DESIGN: The spring-loaded ball bearing holds your chosen socket securely in place on this nut-breaker tool. Attach your selected socket to the breaker head for a simple and quick way to unfasten stubborn bolts.
  • TOOLBAR PROTECTION: This socket breaker bar has built-in square drive radius corners that help reduce socket wear and tear by locking onto the sides of a fastener instead of the edges.

NEIKO presents our 1/2-Inch-Drive Extension Breaker Bar for removing stubborn and rusty nuts and bolts! The 1/2-inch drive combined with the 18-inch-long handle creates the maximum amount of leverage for fastener removal. This tool provides amplified torque power for industrial, automotive, or home jobs.

With a 180-degree flexible head, this socket-wrench breaker bar extends to hard-to-reach spots. The strong spring-loaded ball bearing holds your socket securely in place, no matter the size. Our heavy-duty breaker bar is designed with drop-forged and heat-treated chrome vanadium for intense resistance to corrosion and grime. The mirror-and-chrome finish keeps this device looking clean and professional at all times, and the metal material is easy to wipe down with a rag to maintain the shine. Square driver radius corners protect your sockets by locking onto the sides of a fastener instead of the edges.

You can use this device as a tire bar or a wrench extender tool, or you can apply it to older machine parts that need the fasteners replaced. Our extension breaker bar is an essential tool for every professional or DIYer. Whether you need a lug wrench, tire repair tools, or a longer extension breaker bar, NEIKO has your back with our durable, dependable, and strong tools.

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