NEIKO 00206A 1/2" Breaker Bar, 1/2-Inch Drive 24-Inch Breaker Bar, Flex Head Chrome-Moly Cr-Mo, Lug Nut Wrench, Tire Bar, Cheater Bar




  • 1/2" DRIVE BREAKER BAR: The NEIKO premium breaker bar has a 1/2-inch-drive with extension bar (24” Length) that is great as a lug nut wrench for stubborn nuts on a truck or vehicle.
  • 24-INCH BREAKER BAR: Our breaker bar 1/2-inch drive has an extra-long 24” handle to give you the adjustable leverage when creating the torque needed. Use this nut breaker to amplify power to loosen the toughest bolts or nuts on your car or vehicle.
  • CHROME-MOLY HEAD: Made with a hardened Cr-Mo drive head, this heavy-duty breaker bar has a variety of powerful uses. This cheater bar is created with drop-forged heat-treated chrome vanadium and has a polished, grooved handle for a comfortable grip.
  • 180-DEGREE FLEX HEAD: This 24” long breaker bar has a 180-degree flexible chrome-moly head that works at any angle for tight spaces. This unique feature gives you the optimal leverage and reach for those tighter nuts and bolts.
  • BALL DETENT DESIGN: Each breaker-bar head has a spring-loaded ball bearing system that holds 1/2" drive sockets securely in the head to break and loosen rusted, stubborn, or stuck nuts and bolts without causing damage to your vehicle.

The NEIKO 00206A 1/2-Inch-Drive Premium Breaker Bar is the perfect tool bar for automotive projects! With a hardened chrome-moly drive head and drop-forged heat-treated chrome vanadium, this 24-inch extra-long breaker bar creates powerful torque output when loosening or tightening lug nuts and bolts. A polished and grooved handle helps you grip the bar without slipping. This bar-extension device creates maximum leverage needed for hard-to-reach spots and features a spring-loaded ball-bearing gadget to give you access to any angle you need.

Use our heavy-duty power breaker bar for stubborn nuts and bolts on tires or other parts of your vehicles. This bar is slim and light, making it easy to transport from job to job, and the anvil head rotates 180° for increased versatility and reach. Use it as a tire-iron breaker to replace tires or to loosen and tighten bolts at any angle. The low-profile yet durable design will help you complete your jobs without doing damage to the vehicles you work on. An essential tool for every professional, this auto breaker bar is a real lifesaver when it comes to stuck or rusted fasteners. Whether you need a multifunctional super socket for a firm grip on lug nuts or just a new breaker bar to add to your equipment, NEIKO has your back with our durable, dependable, and strong tools.

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