HILTEX 61087 Universal Gun Cleaning Kit | 103 Piece | Storage Case | Maintenance Brushes/Mops to Clean Rifle Parts Such as Rods, Pistol Parts, and Shotgun Parts in Most Firearms




  • [APPLICATION]: With the utilization of solvent, these brushes help get the copper, lead, powder fouling and ammunition residue out of gun barrels and other metal components in the firearm involved in firing.
  • [VERSATILE]: This gun cleaning set is a comprehensive all-in-one firearm cleaning and maintenance kit that is fit for all calibers, types, and brands such as Smith and Wesson and Remington that are antique and tactical rifles, handguns and shotguns.
  • [INCLUDES]: Each kit comes with 3 solid aluminum cleaning rods for rifles, revolvers, pistol types and 3 larger rods for shotguns with multiple sections that provide flexible length to clean various barrels and muzzles.
  • [BRUSHES]: The 10 brass wire brushes that come in the set are designed to not scratch or damage surfaces and suitable for the following caliber firearms: 10/12 Gauge, 20/28 Ga., 410 Bore, 45 Cal., 40 Cal., 357/38 Cal./9mm, 300 Cal., 270/280 Cal., 22 Cal., and 17 Cal.
  • [MOPS]: The 5 soft cotton mops are designed for 10/12 Gauge, 20/28 Gauge, 410 Bore, 357/38 Cal./9mm, and 22 Cal. with 2 slotted brass adapter ends with 75 cleaning pad swabs/patches, 2 solid brass adapters and 2 T-bar handles.
This comprehensive kit was designed to fulfill all your gun cleaning needs. A firearm is a major investment. Properly cleaning & maintaining your firearm will help retain its value as well as performance. Kit includes: 3 Solid Aluminum Rods for Rifle/Pistols, 3 Solid Aluminum Rods for Shotguns, 10 Brass Wire Brushes to Fit the Following Guns: 10/12 Gauge, 20/28 Gauge, 410, 45cal, 40cal, 357/38cal, 9mm, 30cal, 270/280cal, 22cal, and 17cal. 5 Mops to Fit: 10/12 Gauge, 20/28 Gauge, 410, 357/38cal, 9mm, and 22cal, 2 Solid Brass Adaptors for Shotgun Mops/Brushes, and Rifle/Pistol Brushes and Mops, 2 Plastic Slotted Tips for Shotguns and Rifles/Pistols, 2 Universal Handles, 75 Cleaning Patches, Packed Conveniently in our Brand New Soft Compact Storage Case. Flexibility: Interior Component Pieces are Velcro Backed and are Adjustable & Removable.

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