HILTEX 10525 Electric Post-Hole Digger, Earth Auger Drill, 1200-Watt 1.6 Horsepower Powerhead, 4-Inch Auger Bit

NEIKO®SKU: 10525



  • ELECTRIC AUGER DIGGER: Our Electric Post-Hole Digger saves you time and energy when you’re digging holes for fence posts, decks, tree planting, or other landscaping projects. The 1200-watt motor delivers intense power to help you complete the job.
  • SAFE POST DIGGER FOR FENCES: To prevent accidents, this heavy-duty electric hole driller has an added safety-lock feature that helps to stop dangerous situations from happening. You can use this auger post-hole digger with confidence.
  • AUGER SIZE: Each electric drill machine has one 3/4-inch shank that can dig easily into dirt. It also has a 1200-watt motor, 11 amps, and a 1.6-horsepower high-performance motor that gives you 90 foot-pounds of torque power at a speed of 200 rpm.
  • EASY-GRIP HANDLE: This power-drill equipment has a specially designed handle position with an anti-vibration grip for optimal leverage with stability and accuracy. Our electric hand auger makes short work of garden and dirt-drilling jobs.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Along with this electric-powered drill, you will receive a long auger bit attachment measuring 4" x 30". Each auger bit can drill easily through the ground to make post digging faster and more efficient.

The HILTEX Electric Post-Hole Digger is the perfect tool for post setting and other lawn-care jobs. With the included 4-inch post-hole auger, you can drill and dig through the ground with ease. The handles at the top of the machine have a firm grip and anti-vibration technology, which helps you apply manual pressure to this earth auger without the machine moving away from you. Each rubberized handle also prevents fatigue to your hands and arms after prolonged use of this device. This soil driver has a 3/4-inch shank, a 1200-watt motor, 11 amps, and a 1.6-horsepower high-performance motor that gives you 90 foot-pounds of intense torque power at a speed of 200 rpm. This drilling equipment can be moved easily and carried from job to job.

Whether you're digging a hole for a fence line on a construction site or creating a new gardening landscape for your home, this post-hole digger is easy to use and will help you get the job done right. A safety-lock feature is already installed into the device to prevent accidents from occurring. Dig the holes you need with this tool post set. Whether you need this hole digger for plants and other lawn use, or you want to add this tool to your post-digging equipment, HILTEX has your back with our durable, dependable, and strong tools.

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