HILTEX 10245 4” X 30” Steel Auger Bit | 3/4” Shaft | For Planting Trees and Bedding, Bulbs, Seedlings, Gardening | Ice Fishing | Large Fencing Projects




[APPLICATION]: An auger drill bit is the professional choice when it comes to completing gardening work and greatly improves efficiency by using its spiral design to move earth and dirt creating plant holes for planting, growing bulbs, planting boxes, mix seeds, soil and fertilizer, and can be used for hole boring in ice fishing.  
[PRO CHOICE]: This tool makes large planting jobs much easier and faster, which makes it suitable for professionals and home do-it-yourself (DIY) projects.
[FEATURES]: This specialized drill bit has a carbon steel rod for durability and alloy steel blades for maximum digging performance when working on your home improvement projects.
[SPECIFICATIONS]: The bit has a ¾ inch inner diameter shaft that fits most common auger powerheads, not recommended for hand power drills due to its larger size, and compatible with a 1200 W electric 1.6 HP post hole digger such as the Hiltex 10525.
[VERSATILE]: This auger digs holes up to 30 inches deep and 4 inches wide in all soil types while leaving dirt around the edge of dug hole for easy packing making it useful for weed/root removal, fertilizing, planting bedding for plants, seedlings and a variety of other uses.
30" inch Auger Post Hole Digger Bit Carbon Steel 4" inch Wide Skid Steer Drill. Features carbon steel rod for durability

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