Hiltex 02016 16" Snap Ring Plier Set, 2 Piece | External and Internal Pliers | Straight, 45°, 90° Tips




  • Application: Big Snap Ring Pliers Or Sometimes Known As Circlip Pliers, Retaining Ring Pliers Or C-Clip Pliers Are Designed For Installing Or Removing Snap Rings, Jesus Clips, And Seeger Rings Which Is A Type Of Fastener That Functions Like A Retaining Ring.
  • Design: Each Retainer Ring Plier Uses A Spring Ratchet Locking Mechanism To Securely Hold Against Circle Tension And Work With Non-Standard Snap-Rings Or Sometimes Referred To As Circlips. These Mechanics Retaining Ring Plier Is Also Known As Snap Spreader.
  • Durable: The Interchangeable Tips Are Made With Hardened, Heat Treated Steel For Durability And Black Oxide Finish Prevents Corrosion For Long-Lasting Service Life And Longevity In Your Toolbox Or Tool Collection.
  • Includes: This Retention Ring Plier Set Has Both Internal And External Snap Ring Pliers For Snap Rings Inside A Bore Or Around A Shaft And Comes With Interchangeable Tips: Straight Tips Are Attached With 4 Quick-Change Snap Ring Tips: 2 X 45-Degree, 2 X 90-Degree.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Long snap ring pliers are sixteen inches long, soft grip handle, and have heat treated tips for a long lasting tool. Spread: 3-1/4"; internal plier capacity: 3-1/16" to 6-1/4"; external plier capacity: 3-1/2" to 6-1/2".

Replacing Snap Rings Or Removing Snap Rings Can Be Very Difficult Especially Without The Right Tools. The Hiltex 02016 Long Snap Ring Plier Set Is A Must For Removing Clips. Whether Working In Your Garage At Home Or Shop At Work. Ring Snaps Stand No Chance To The Amount Of Leverage These Piston Ring Pliers Can Manage. With The 4 Interchangeable Tips You Have Internal Snap Ring Pliers And External Snap Ring Pliers In One Set. Large Circlip Pliers Also Known As Snap Ring Pliers Are Used To Remove And Insert Internal Or External Circlips Or C-Clips. Most Snap Rings Need The Use Of A Snap Rings Pliers. You Simply Grip The Ring With The Two Tiny Holes Of Both Ends Of The Clip. Snap Rings Sometimes Refereed As Seeger Rings Are A Stamped Tapered Section Retaining Ring. These Axially Rings Are Often Used In External Applications To Secure Parts In Grooved Shafts, Pins, And Studs. Semi Flexible Metal Rings Fasteners Commonly Used In Machined Grooves Where Their Job Is To Hold Dowel Pins Securely In Place.

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